In gyms, no one wants to hear you scream.

In the end, the web is made of data and the applications of data. We are entering a new era that individuals can possibly own their data at a reasonable cost on the web. I think - whether it's 3.0 or 4.0 doesn't matter - the digital title built upon blockchain is the real innovation here. NFT and the new way of organizing resources around a common purpose could be the drivers of the next rapid adoption.

For most of us, we don't, and may never fully will understand its impact. We just need to try to be part of it. When in doubt, participate and learn first.

This is a great summary of the challenges of placing tech in the overarching org and the unintended outcomes of some typical org structures.

One possible solution is to let the eng and product org publish and share the same objectives - creating alignment of their incentives to foster closely collaboration.

Simple & Stupid

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